EasySave Program Process

The UES Commercial Energy Solutions team has simplified and streamlined the process for qualifying small businesses and K-12 school customers to participate in the EasySave program.

First, customers should select a contractor from our list of participating contractors. The selected contractor will then guide you through the application process by completing the required paperwork and submitting your application. The rebate incentive is paid directly to the contractor and is deducted from the contractor’s invoice for the project equipment and installation.

Out-of-pocket costs vary depending on the measure and incentive, but the customer’s costs, in no circumstance, will be less than 15% of the qualifying project costs.

Process Overview

  1. Program Overview and Facility Survey are provided by the contractor.
  2. Project Cost Proposal and Upgrade Recommendations are provided to the customer.
  3. The Project Cost Proposal is signed and submitted to the Commercial Energy Solutions team, which confirms the customer’s and project’s eligibility for incentives.
  4. Pre-Installation Inspection is conducted.
  5. Installation of energy efficient equipment begins.
  6. Post-Installation Inspection is conducted to verify installation meets project specifications.
  7. Final project approval is received.
  8. Incentive payment is sent to the contractor, and the customer pays the balance of the project cost.

Custom Incentive Process

Customers who choose to apply for custom incentives are responsible for completing the custom application, performing energy-savings calculations and providing all required documentation when submitting the application.

The application includes the guidelines to apply for incentives using the custom process. Customers are required to submit a Pre-Application prior to beginning any work.

Contact UES at 866-324-5506 or ces@uesaz.com to request an application for custom incentives.

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